The Fall Out of Grace

by Paul Cassady

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released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Paul Cassady Minneapolis, Minnesota

Paul Cassady is a Minneapolis born & raised singer songwriter, with an affinity for pop music of the slightly more intelligent than average variety. More of his music can be heard from the band standing waves, also on this website.

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Track Name: Eternity
There is no time there is no time
There is no time in my dream of you
There is no concept of wrong
Only steps in a passionate dance
taking us father along

And oh, that first caress
does it really have to end?
Or can we find a way to spend Eternity?

I dream of waking up in Paradise
and reaching out to touch your face
But it's all nothing more than a dream
Nothing remains of this beautiful place but….

All the broken hearts
yours mine and ours
A separate and apart Eternity

Some broken hearts will mend
but mine -- never again
I guess I found a way to end
It's only eighteen years...
Track Name: I Got A Thing
I don't know if you have noticed me
and I don't know if you like what you see
Baby I don't know whatever you're thinking
I only know you keep my heart from sinking

I got a thing I got a thing for you boy

Every single sound coming from your voice
Every look my way leaves me without choice
It's like steppin' in a bathtub full of honey
What's better than loving you? Not sex, drugs or money

I got a thing I got a thing for you boy
I got a thing I got a thing for you boy

You might be tragedy lurking in the wings I would die a thousand times for one silly little fling with you


I got a thing I got a thing for you boy
I got a thing I got a thing for you boy

Track Name: Metamorphosis
Is this carnally wise? And should I be in disguise?
I don't care….
Lines where I could get lost I have already crossed
And I don't care….

I've given up everything except for my name
The family man - the loyal husband
Forever changed

I was playing with fire an atom bomb of desire
that I can't stop
When did these hearts collide? Or love become genocide
that I can't stop?

I thought I could run and hide amidst the ruined remains
But the truth is out beyond any doubt
Forever changed

I finally realized that I metamorphosized
and no one will recognize what I've become


I'm barely a footnote now of a life rearranged
And I regret and never forget
The mess I made The hearts I betrayed
That wasn't me I'm different you see
Forever changed
Forever changed

I'm not what I thought I was
Track Name: Little Nikita
I can't stand the way you look tonight
or the way you make me feel
A sweeter poison no man's ever had
I pray to God this is for real

But if I see you on the street today
I might give it all away

Little Nikita
Somebody needs a love affair
Little Nikita
One look from you and I'll be there

I can't sleep without the dream of you
And you don't ever leave my mind
Can't work can't eat can't even live this life
The one I'd love to leave behind

Only you have seen this side of me
The one I'm dying to be

Little Nikita
Somebody's secret rendezvous
Little Nikita
Someday I'll always be with you

Now and forever don't talk don't tell don't cry
We'll be together with the perfect alibi ----------------


But if I see you on the street today…….

Little Nikita
Somebody needs a love affair
Little Nikita
One look from you and I'll be there
Little Nikita
Little Nikita
One look from you and I'll be there
Track Name: My Last Tears (featuring Jax Kouba)
The worst day of my life stops and starts again
Yours was no simple love affair
The evidence is killing me with every layer of lie
How could I have been so unaware?

But I'm not a widow who lives to mourn
and there is one thing I won't do anymore…..

Cried my last tears for you
Already changed my life over you --- if
I'm still here after all these years
You have already seen my last tears

The next day of my life the new reality
I feel as if I've just been through a war
This lonely house is empty now the moving van is full
only memories left inside the door

Would this be better if you were dead?
I'd still be alone in this cold, empty bed --- where I

Cried my last tears for you
Took this wedding ring and threw it across the room
I covered my face so no one could hear
The sound of goodbye….

It's bad enough to be deserted
It's worse to be betrayed --------------

Cried my last tears for you
Started to live my life after you --- It's
almost as if you just disappeared
Leaving me here to cry my last tears
Leaving me here to cry my last tears
Track Name: Absolute Maximum
I was once the king of my world
Thought that I could do me no wrong
Got so used to calling the shots
I'd do anything to get what I want

Ain't no luck
Ain't no fate
Ain't no judge who'd ever hesitate
giving me the absolute maximum

I met you and everything changed
started tellin' lies and actin' strange
Had myself convinced that nobody knew
My mistake was countin' on you
countin' on you

Absolute maximum Got what I deserved
Absolute maximum of the time to serve
Absolute maximum Nothing left to try
When the sentence fits the crime


Strike me down
strike me dead
strike these thoughts of you out of my head
Everyday the absolute maximum
Every, every, everyday the absolute maximum

Absolute maximum
Track Name: Fall Out of Grace
Tomorrow I will be seventeen And it won't be a happy day
Since you've been in jail all my friends keep away from me…
People came to you for advice You took an oath to uphold the law
Little did we know you had one fatal flaw

You made us fall out of grace
Then someone else took our places

Mom will make a birthday cake
and make sure there's a card from you
With some apology for the hell I've been through

You made us fall fall out of grace
Wept as we fell on our faces
Tears that do nothing to heal
All that remains of our feelings

Blow the candles out
Make a wish of my own
That some day you'll be home and free

You made us fall fall out of grace
Left us to dig through the traces
Taken somewhere far away
Not even here to sing Happy Birthday
Track Name: The Troublesome Child
I don't know why I wanted to hurt you
Maybe 'cause I've been hurt so bad
Made you believe I could desert you
What's one more lie in a love gone mad?

So I pour on the gas strike up at match
then sit back and laugh the Troublesome Child

Pictures of you on my computer
I wish that they'd gone up in flames
Nobody knew you were my tutor
and I have learned to despise your name

So I jump off the deck of this sinking wreck
How could you suspect the Troublesome Child?

So let's live it up
before we have to give it up
'Cause this is sensitive enough
for you to lose everything


So I turned myself in and watched the trial begin
What have I done again? the Troublesome Child
So you missed all the signs that led straight to the crime
and ruined this life of mine the Troublesome Child
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Troublesome Child
Track Name: Flying Solo | So Low
Strangers is what we are
Not what we used to be….
I was the one who stood up for you
I was the one you came running to
But this time you're on your own
Yeah this time, flying solo

You're on your own
Flying so low
Out of control
and out of your mind

Tell me this isn't true
Someone's telling tales to bury you
If I believe everything I've heard
If you're beyond an adulterer
Well, this time you're on your own

You're on your own flying so low
I watched you go right out of my life

You know the lives you ruined are
not just your own
You can spend the rest of your life
Tryin' to atone
But you're on your own
Never coming home


I can't forgive you for what you did
But I'll always love you in spite of it

But this time you're on your own
Yeah, this time Flying so low
You're on your own You're on your own
You're on your own Flying so low
Track Name: Monster?
What they're saying about me
What if it's true?
How can this be an evil when I'm just so in love with you?

When I look in the mirror
I see nothing to fear
It's just me ….or is it a monster?

People threatened to kill me
They say I'm a freak
Don't they listen to Jesus?
Don't they turn the other cheek?

When I see my reflection
so full of imperfection
Is this me… ….or is it a monster?

If I kneel down to pray
will I get an answer?
Maybe God will tell me
If I am a monster
If I am a monster


When I look in the mirror
I see plenty to fear
Is this me…or some kind of monster?
Some kind of monster?
Some kind of monster?
Am I a monster?
Track Name: Eternity Reprise
There is no time in my dream any more
and I'm not sure I'm alive

But then night turns to day once again
And I'm left with nothing but time

I can't undo the past
or fix the lives I trashed
I pray your tears won't last
for Eternity
Track Name: Sweet Redemption
Any day now any day now
I shall be redeemed
Maybe this year or the next one
I will be forgiven

Sweet redemption
brings me to my knees

Holy Mary Virgin Mother
hold me in your lovin' arms
May your mercy exonerate me
and let me start another life

Sweet salvation
is all I ever need

Sweet emancipation
spreads her wings over me (hold)

Any day now any day now
I shall be redeemed
I shall be redeemed
Set my spirit free
I shall be redeemed